Food Options that can trigger your Joint Pain


Healthy eating habits are essential for a healthy life, and it is more so important if you have a health problem causing joint pain. Joints weaken with time or under the influence of other health disorders. Once they are weak they become immobile, meaning whenever you move them there is a great amount of pain caused. One of the best ways to overcome this pain is to consult with a joint replacement surgeon and get a surgery done. But, there are many people who have to live with the pain. For them it is essential to control their diet and remove certain food that may trigger the joint pain. Some such food items include:


  • Fried Food Items: Studies show that fried foods can trigger arthritis pain, but this may be due to the food and its preparation process. Everybody says that fried food is bad for health. We will tell you, not every fried food is bad. How bad a fried food is, depends on the how it is prepared. In most restaurants and fast food chains, the same oil is used over and over again. Ideally, a fried food should be prepared in good oil, and this oil should be used only once. But that is seldom followed. So, you need to avoid all the fast food items that are fried in nature.


  • Salty Food: Though salt is necessary for a healthy body, but high proportions of it can cause joint pain. Today, we have grown a new liking for processed food. Processed food uses salt as a preservative, and naturally when you have it the sodium intake in the body increases. This is bad for the body and more so for a patient with arthritis.


  • Refined Sugar: A diet which is high in sugar content is bad for any arthritis patient. Raw or natural sugar is not bad, when taken in controlled quantity, but refined sugar can cause a disruption of the insulin response within the body. It can lead to inflammation, which is bad for the arthritis patients.


  • Foods with White Flour: When the flour strips are refined, most of the nutrients are lost. Furthermore, the manufacturers put the flour through a bleaching process, which can cause several health problems. White flour is a source of gluten, which can cause inflammation of tissues and cause excessive joint pain.

If you have consulted with any orthopedic surgeon you would have already been asked to refrain from some or all of these food items. So, now you know why you were asked to do so.

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