What Is The Complete Procedure Of A Kidney Transplant?


What Is a Kidney Transplant?

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure which is generally done when your kidney fails to respond normally. The kidneys are made to filter waste from the blood and remove it from the body through the urine. They also maintain the body’s fluid and electrolyte level. The failure of the kidneys can be treated with the help of dialysis which mechanically filters waste and throws away from the main bloodstream. In those patients, who have abnormal kidneys with them can opt for a kidney transplant by consulting with best kidney transplant surgeon in Delhi.


But in some cases and for some patients who are prone to infections and overweight, a kidney transplant is sought to be the best option. During the treatment, your diseased kidney will be replaced by a healthy donated kidney in your body. Do you know that one kidney is enough to lead a healthy normal life? After the surgery, you’ll be advised to take immune-suppressing medications to keep your immune system from attacking the new organ.

Who Might Need a Kidney Transplant?

When a kidney fully breaks down and stops entirely, this condition is widely known as end-stage renal disease or end-stage kidney disease. At this stage, surgeons mostly recommend dialysis.

Before the surgery, your body will get a thorough checkup to consider you a good candidate for a kidney transplant. To tolerate such a major surgery and treatment, you’ll be given a strict, lifelong medication regimen. There are some conditions which can make serious cases more dangerous and they are:

  • Patient with cancer, or a recent history of cancer
  • serious infection such as TB or hepatitis B and many other
  • severe cardiovascular disease
  • liver disease

For liver diseases, you will have to consult with a best liver transplant surgeon in Delhi first. And some other external reasons which can prevent you for the attempt of surgery are:

  • smoke
  • drink alcohol in excess
  • drugs overdoses

Besides, the doctors also run a healthy urine and blood test to ensure you’re healthy enough for the surgery.

Who Donates the Kidney?

There are two kinds of donors and they are:

Living Donors

In this case, a healthy family member who has healthy kidneys (both the kidneys are healthy) may choose to donate one of them to you. This can only happen if the blood samples of the donor match with your blood specifications.

Deceased Donors

The donors who have died but have had healthy organs or kidneys are known as cadaver donors. In this case, the donor’s family may choose the option of donation.

How Is a Kidney Transplant Performed?

Before the surgery, your blood sample will be taken for the antibody test. If it is a negative crossmatch, you will be sent for the further transplant procedure.

During the transplant, you’ll be given general anaesthesia through an intravenous line in your hand or arm that will put you into deep sleep or coma during the surgery. During that time, the surgeon will make a cut in your abdomen and places the donor kidney inside. The surgeon will then reconnect the arteries and veins to the newly placed kidney so that it can work properly. The kidney’s urethra will also be attached to the bladder so that you’ll be able to urinate normally.

For 3-6 months, you will be under strict restrictions and surveillance and medications. Visit to get more information on health line and other unknown facts.

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