Important Devices for People With Knee Osteoarthritis


Knee osteoarthritis may make you feel hesitant to move around and in this way, you are actually paying tax to live a freedom full of active life. Your already-achy joints can put you beside the bars of a dependent life and this will. Why not are you taking any assistant device to take a step further in your barred life? They can also help to reduce stiffness and pain and give you a mobility and confidence boost. While some you can find in offline and online stores, others can be customised with a prescription from your doctor. These devices are available in a wide array in the market and you can also adjust them according to your budget.

Here are some suggestions that can help you:

Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts are a great help as they help absorb the force that travels up the foot to the knee and lessen the strain on the joint. They may be particularly helpful if you stand on wood or concrete floors all day. Otherwise, try at the most to avoid exercises or jumping on a concrete floor.


Use neoprene sleeves as a simple brace. You can use it with a cutout for your knee and that can help keep your bone in place and relieve pain. If the knee needs to be immobilised, the best knee replacement doctors may prescribe a hinged knee brace instead.

Sometimes, the surface of your knee can wear unevenly and in that case, a customised unloader brace may help. An unloader brace shifts the weight away from the affected or damaged part of the knee. They can also offer warmth and compression, which can help reduce swelling, a common symptom of knee osteoarthritis. There are people who wear them if their knees occasionally buckle from weakness or pain.


This is one the most traditional method use by the people suffering from knee osteoarthritis. You can lean on a cane and can transfer the weight off your knee. This will help to reduce the pain and only half of the pressure will be needed for mobility.

A standard cane is made of aluminium or wood and has an umbrella-like handle so that you can enjoy full sturdy grip. An offset cane has a curved handle that’s designed to distribute your weight over the shaft of the cane, and a quad cane has four legs at its base for extra support.


This is also one of the traditional methods which is much better than the cane walking and used by more serious patients. You can rely on your arms to help bear weight and propel you forward when you walk.


You can call them cumbersome as walkers relieve much of the weight that puts pressure on the knee. Some of them have built-in seat, which provides a place to rest if you’ve been standing or walking for a long time.


Custom splints help you properly position your joints when you’re active or sleeping. They can also keep you from moving your knee in an awkward direction. Top knee surgeon in Delhi NCR and India advice you for this to have a better knee life.

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