5 Proven and Tested Tips to Extend Battery Life on Android

5 Proven and Tested Tips to Extend Battery Life on Android


I bet you might have just wandered around your room towards your charger and worrying about how long you have to charge and how long it is going to last. A Mobile battery is one of the most important component and by far the dearest component in the smart phone. If the battery is not working, then the whole phone becomes useless. Let me give you some good news, with the right amount of care and attention, your battery does have chances of living longer than average. There are a number of factors that actually drain your battery abnormally. Background software, faster internet and what not? Most of the devices are made up of lithium-ion batteries which are quite reliable, durable, long lasting and safer. However there are some tricks that have been experimented and hence proven to extend your battery life! We hope to provide you with some actionable tips that can prove to be extremely helpful.

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1.Take care of the connectivity features!

Do not miss out on this battery sucking component. If you want to conserve power, then you might want to check if you Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS is switched on when there is not much need of them. Most of the cases, they are always switched on. Especially the GPS. Some aggressive mobile users have all of them switched on which not only drains the battery but also exploits the battery and makes it weaker day by day. Sometimes, when the phone in itself is not in use at all, you can turn on the airplane mode. This is not to increase the battery for just the moment or the day, but to generally prep up, boost and take care of your battery. If you have to choose between using mobile data or Wi-Fi, always choose Wi-Fi.

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2.Remove Vibration mode

Vibration is usefull only when you are in areas with noise causing palpitations. Otherwise your body is aware of the sounds and noises around it. to produce even a slight vibration, the device has to spin a vibration motor every time. This is one of the major reasons for the battery to work up extra and hence cause drain. Sone people even switch on their vibrations for taping on the screen. For example the keyboard. This does hurt the phone battery a lot. If you want your battery life to improve and live a lot longer and healthier, stop your phone from jiggling!

3.Automate it

Why do you have to take so much of frustration when your phone is smart after all? An app known as IFTTT is beautiful service which works beautifully for programmers as well as beginners. It is very simple to use for the first time automators too. IFTTT is basically an app which will bring the internet to your command. The abbreviation IFTT stands for ‘if not this then that.’ It allows your phone to do things without your active supervision. For example: it will switch of your phone location immediately whenever not in use. You can give it instructions when to turn off and turn on the wifi. Which wifi to connect and which wifi to not connect. With a little precision, once the phone is managed efficiently, there is no useless drain of battery!

4.Turn off synchronization and use ad-free apps

Auto synchronization uses background processes. It eats up your batter like a parasite. You can turn it off by going to accounts and then Auto Sync Data, turn off. Using Ad-free apps and ditching live wallpapers is one of the greatest boost any device can get. Not only battery wise but also for the normal health of your device. That massive tide and waves of water generated on your phone eats a lot of energy and device health to animate and show it to you. Every time the device shows you an eye catching and colorful pop up ad, it takes a lot of energy. It will beat your battery down. Uninstall apps that show you ads and see the difference. Your phone will last much more longer than it always does. Find yourself an ad free alternative or buy the premium version of the same app. If nothing works out of these you can always decrease the display. This wont eliminate the damage but will at least reduce it. Switch on Auto brightness and still be conscious during the day by keeping the screen brightness low.


5.Check the apps running in background and charging tips

Keep updating your apps and run the best version of it. the older the version the more effort the phone puts to run it on your phone. Everything is ‘Auto’ these days. Even your Instagram home page updates on its own which actually is harmful for the battery. Always refer to buzzfeed to check the apps that are supportive and healthy for your phone. Carry a portable battery which will keep your battery organized. Always running the battery till 10% and then charging it too harms the device. DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR BATTERY TO DROP TO ZERO! Avoid charging for long sessions, charge your phone in short rounds. Do not charge your battery for no reason.

If you want to really improve your battery health, you have to cut down on some simple things. Sometimes even the amount of mobile usage. This will help you keep yourself healthy and happy to. Using the above tips act like boosting the immunity system of the phone and make it stronger. Stop acting like you cant live without a phone! In fact, if you can try, With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, google has come up with the ‘Doze’ Feature. Whenever your phone is sitting on a table or resting in some place, it will only notify urgent messages and carry out occasional syncs. This is an amazing boost!

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