The other day, I was in the middle of a tough situation in an online team game where the enemies had surrounded my and teammate. In a situation as crucial as this, my friend, who own an iPhone XR tells me, “Bro, my phone is about to die”. Needless to say, both he and I lost the match. Reason? His charge drained from his phone. I hope you can level the extent of frustration experienced by me at that moment.  And even if you don’t, if you are an iPhone owner, you have experienced that annoyance of having to see the ‘low battery’ notification pop up on screen. If your phone doesn’t have charge, it’s like you don’t feel energized either!

Draining of battery is one of the most common issues faced by iPhone users. The reason could be anything- starting from keeping other apps open in the background or you spending most of your time gaming! Are you supposed to carry a powerbank with you all the time? Isn’t there any app that would help you conserve battery for important events? Well, there is. And if you have come across a dozen such apps and are unable to choose which one to install, I am here to help you!

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The most essential aspect of having your battery last longer is to have a regular check on the battery usage of your daily phone activities. This will enable you to keep a track of the apps which consume more battery and the ones that use optimum battery. Battery Life is the app which performs this task for you.

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You can know the total runtime, meaning you can have a proper data of battery consumed by talk time, web browsing, video time, audio time, game time and much more. The detailed analysis provided by the app will help you be aware of its condition regularly. Moreover, it has a very user-friendly interface which supports multiple languages such as Catalan, Hebrew, Greek, Indonesian, Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, Macedonian, Korean, and so on that gives an edge to this app, in comparison to many other apps available in the store. Another advantage is, this app is free to download. Hence, it is quite recommendable.

My Rating: 4.6

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Nobody wants to use a complicated app that requires more than a day to get accustomed to. Battery HD+ is an accessible and adaptable battery monitoring app for your iPhone and also iPad and has very chic design. Using this app, you can easily find out how much charge is left for your web browsing, calls, YouTube streaming, binging on music, gaming, etc.

With the help of Today widget, the app enables you to comfortably track the battery in your device. When your device is fully charged, so that you know when’s the time to unplug your phone from charging and ready to rock the day! This way, you can avoid various side-effects of overcharging your device. Battery HD+ supports several languages including Afrikaans,, English,, Bulgarian, Arabic, Croatian, Catalan, Danish, Czech, Estonian, Dutch, Finnish, Filipino etc so whatever your native language is, the app will understand.

My Rating: 4.5

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You definitely don’t want your battery save app to occupy too much space in your phone memory, right? Battery Care is an iOS battery app, which is a smart app which also helps you keep a track on the iPhone’s battery use, like the other two. Now, a feature that I like about this app is that it provides important tips that, according to me, play a significant role to increase the device’s battery life and are also useful to charge,the, device in a secured manner.

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The comprehensive report about battery helps you make use of the battery power precisely. What more is required than to know the proper method of power usage, anyway? Additionally, the app supports diverse languages such as English, Korean, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Russian. So the app ended up on this list because of its reliability. Moreover, with regular updates and revised design, many pre-existing bugs have been fixed and this app has improved its performance over the years.

My Rating: 4

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Also a great battery saver app which also goes by a simple name “Battery Saver’, it performs the task of optimizing the battery usage by keeping  track of the battery consumption of different apps of your phone in check and provides detailed information regarding runtime of those apps like the final total runtimes for activities such as watching video, web browsing, talk time, and so on. It offers an abundance of essential information to help you identify sources of battery drainage and empower your iPhone’s battery life.

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This way, you can be aware of the most battery draining activities and consciously avoid using those apps on the days where you have to go out for a long time without the scope of charging. What’s cool about this app, it is also obtainable in your Apple watch which means you can track the battery life of your phone from your smart watch. In addition to that, this app also shows you the disk available disc space.

My Rating: 4.5

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Atomic Battery Life is not a full-fledged battery saver app, but when it comes to helping you with keeping track of the battery of your iPhone and iPad, it can serve the purpose remarkably well. What I like about this app is its interface, which comes with notable battery animations accompanied by a cool, contemporary look. It helps you check the available battery percentage of your iPhone and see how much juice is used up by each and every app.

When you come across any app that seems to be overused, you can use it less to reduce their battery consumption. Apart from battery life, Atomic Battery Saver will also show you extra information like storage space- how much is used and what amount of space is left for usage. I would say this app is also a good choice for you since it is also free to download.

My Rating: 4.5

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The iBattery is also a good battery saver app which tells you the detailed usage of your battery status. The app gives quick and easily accessible notifications related to battery operations of your iPhone. Basically like every other app. This too updates you with the all the necessary information about battery consumption of different apps at just one click. updates you with the precise battery data of your iPhone. This too is a free app.  iBattery displays the current battery status and remaining time for using other apps installed on your iPhone. I think the best feature of this app is to show the estimated time that is needed to recharge your battery, so you know for long you need to wait till you can get back to whatever work you need to do on your phone.

My Rating: 4

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Lastly, in a pool of similar apps that provide the same function, it is hard to select just one. But what matters is the efficiency of the app you chose for your phone. At the end of the day, you want your charge to at least last you a day. So, if you are having trouble with your phone’s battery life, these six apps will surely be helpful to you. You can pick anyone based on my ratings or try them for yourself as well!


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