List of 10 Best Blogs to Follow in 2020

List of 10 Best Blogs to Follow in 2020


Blogging is an interesting area where you can write your own blog on areas that you are strong at or topics that you are passionate about. Multiple free websites are now available for creating own blogging for beginners. You might have multiple websites that have unique and interesting blogs to read, but when it comes to best blogs to read, you have a few categories that can be followed.

By following certain blog threads, you will learn how to write blogs exclusively in a particular category. Also, you can stay in tune with topics in trend and with effective research you can also produce interesting blogs and publish online.


#1: Pro Blogger

This is an aged blogging website in the name of, which was started 10 years before. Due to its age, the content that you publish in the Pro Blogger site reaches the top position on Google. Darren Edit, who owns this blogger site, apart from regular blogging, writes and edits blogs on as well as several other blogs.

#2: Copy Blogger

This blog concentrates on content such as social media marketing, digital marketing, and other content marketing trends. Apart from these ideas, it also covers many interesting topics that make readers stay and read blogs. Brian Clark found copy Blogger in January 2006, who is the owner of Genesis, Scribd, GetPremise and many other big companies.

#3: Quick Sprout

Neil Patel, who is a king-maker in digital marketing and other content marketing related strategies, owns this blog. If you aspire to become a good blogger, then definitely Quick Sprout helps you with useful information that you can rely upon. Neil Patel is the co-founder of two Internet companies–Crazy Eggs and KISSmetrics. He also releases many videos on how to become a great blogger and how to do content marketing, etc.

#4: Famous Bloggers

Hesham Zebida, the founder of ThesisSkins, introduces this blogging website as well. This blog speaks about the latest technical trends, techie talks, blogging tips, product reviews, and social media tips. If you are looking for a blogger site that allows you to make money, then Famous Bloggers is the right place, as it encourages multi-authors blogging and social network platform for performing the same.

#5: Fizzle

Fizzle is a wonderful blogging website to follow because the owner of this site, Corbett Bar shifted all data from his other website and integrated it as a single blog. It is an online community where like-minded people spend time to learn the best industry tips from each other. Due to an increase in the traffic for this website, he created a sub-directory in the name of Sparkline and re-routed all his blog entries to it. The best thing from this website is it lets you download podcasts and get knowledge of the best internet marketing tips from experts.

#6: Shout Me Loud

It is an Indian blog that provides you an opportunity to make money online through blogging, search engine optimization, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, Web 2.0, Internet tools and internet marketing. This blog has a co-sister under the name of ShoutDreams, which is a network of numerous blogs. For blogger beginners, this place is one of the best suitable options to kick-start their passion for content or blogging.

#7: ZenHabits

This blog covers topics such as simplicity, health, and fitness, motivation and inspiration, family life, goals, getting great things done, living in the moment, happiness, etc. ZenHabits has been initiated by Leo Babauta, is the world’s single author blog that has good readers throughout. Blogs that are written on such aforementioned topics easily grabs the reader’s heart, as it mostly narrates everyday things that happen in life, and it gives a personal touch to readers.

#8: SmartPassiveIncome

This is a lively blogging website where true interviews with industry experts are published as a special column blog. It boosts up the inspiration in every single individual who aspires to become an entrepreneur. Pat Flynn, the founder of this blogging website, is a real motivator and the way he portrays his podcasts is amazing.

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New bloggers definitely have a scope of learning how to write a blog and what things work and what does not work with blogging are explained in this website crystal clear. With the popularity that the author has created for this site among his audience, has made his podcasts to be published in the iTunes store many times.

#9: Boost Blog Traffic

Boost Blog Traffic is popular for guest blogging. The author of this blogging site is very clear in his motive for starting it. You will never want to leave following this website because you learn how to write blogs from here. Guest blogging not only allows you to improve your writing skills but also gives you space as an author of the blog for whomever you write.

#10: Backlinko

If you want to learn SEO along with blog writing, then Backlinko is a suitable one. The author of this blogging website, Brian shares explicitly how to gain good quality backlinks for your website(s) from high-authority websites. So he launched his course SEO That Works recently, which gives complete guidance about SEO and receiving quality backlinks, to make your website stand top on search engine bots you aim for.

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From this website, you can get immediate and reliable answers for any of your questions related to blogging and SEO.


Blogging seems to be easy but choosing the right place, platform, applications or tools to publish your blog is definitely a good challenge. Before you intend to start your own blogging website, become a guest blogger and see the reach of your content with your audience. Many websites allow you to write for free your own topics on their websites. In one way, it is beneficial for them because they generate revenue if your blog clicks well. In another way, you get a good name and popularity among other writers and your readers as well.

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